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Meet VYANA Brie, an amazing talented individual whom I was introduced to through mutual friends. Upon first meeting her, I knew her as an MUA ( and she’s damn good at it I might add ); however, overtime I learned that she is multi-facted in the creative realm and most recently released a look book for […]

Ladies! Meet my insp-her-a-tion, Odessa Buggs. I was introduced to Odessa and her artwork a few years ago via Instagram ( @missodessa) . Not only is she beautiful, but her talent as a creative makes her simply a force to be reckoned with. She is an artist on multiple mediums and just an amazing creative all the way […]

Hey Ladies! Meet Siggi Bennett, wife, mother and co-owner of Halfsie’s Kids. I met Siggi about a year ago through her husband, Martellus Bennett, whom I used to design for many moons ago. She’s so gorgeous and has an amazing sense of style! Through following her on social media, I spotted her Ladies Lounge one […]

Hey ladies! So, meet Cassie Evanow, an LA based designer with a style that has a spin on vintage with sassy spunk. I met Cassie about 2 years ago at a photoshoot for HERfavorite LA ( cc: Charamon ). She was so sweet and down to earth! Her personality and style really connected with me […]


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