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Welcome to my thoughts, tips, tricks and expertise on everything I love. From branding, home interior to plant care. Go ahead and take a gander, I'm sure you'll find something that you're into... there are also surprise freebies - have a look around

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I wasn’t going to immediately release my plant diagrams but I said, eh, what the heck. I get a lot of questions every day about plants and what plants are best for what situation. Therefore, I decided to create my own plant diagrams of the most common questions I am asked. Every plant that I […]

My love for plants came about 2 years ago when I was on Instagram and stumbled up on Justina Blakeney and The Jungalow. I started with a few mini succulents because I didn’t have much space and really didn’t know what I was doing. From there I did a little research and invested in getting […]

Living in a small space, doesn’t mean you have to lose or compromise your workspace. For me personally, I do not work well, just waking up and working in bed. I have to have an area designated for work and an area designated for lounging / sleep. I created my workspace by using compact shelving, […]

Mintimates by Draya Michele – Logo Design & Brand Guidelines feature a gender neutral color palette, using relaxing / calming colors. I enjoyed creating a timeless logo that was simple, yet strong and gender neutral. The color of the candles are all white to represent a clean, soothing experience.  


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