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Welcome to my thoughts, tips, tricks and expertise on everything I love. From branding, home interior to plant care. Go ahead and take a gander, I'm sure you'll find something that you're into... there are also surprise freebies - have a look around

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As a designer, I’ve spent a good time trying to figure out what to charge, what’s fair and trying to be nice to everyone. Instead of basing my rates off of the current market rate or even a fair price in exchange for the work put in, I’d charge based on what I thought would […]

Sometimes, as designers we literally come across the client from hell. That one person that no matter what you do, it’s just not right. Below i’ll give a few pointers on how to tell if a client is for you or not. There are many different types of “bad clients” , I’m going to break […]

    With social media being so present in our daily lives now, it’s so easy for everyone to be attracted to the idea of being a designer. Not only fashion, but the digital world is growing rapidly as well. I constantly have received the question of what have I done to sustain myself in the industry […]


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