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Sometimes, life hits us fast, especially as entrepreneurs. Your schedule is booked with activities, work is piling on, you have to cook, clean, find time to work out, find time for yourself and basically you start feeling like life is crumbling beneath you and you barely have any time to sleep. Trust me, you are […]

Often times it feels like I go from a really relaxed schedule to a crazy busy schedule where i’m juggling like 10 things at once. In the past, I would become so overwhelmed and completely freak out and shut down. I would literally just disappear into my own little space because I would begin feeling […]

Launching a new brand can sometimes get very hectic and feels somewhat over bearing at times. Over the years, through tests and trials, I’ve had the opportunity to help launch over 100 brands. This day and time, with the influx of entrepreneurs and the accessibility to do so online, new brands are launched almost every […]

As a designer, I’ve spent a good time trying to figure out what to charge, what’s fair and trying to be nice to everyone. Instead of basing my rates off of the current market rate or even a fair price in exchange for the work put in, I’d charge based on what I thought would […]


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