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Time and time again, I used to find myself in the situation where I’m working on 12 projects with 14 open and 2 pending. Not sure how I thought I could do that much alone….well, actually I wasn’t. I would take on so many jobs at once, all due around the same time, some low […]

Meet VYANA Brie, an amazing talented individual whom I was introduced to through mutual friends. Upon first meeting her, I knew her as an MUA ( and she’s damn good at it I might add ); however, overtime I learned that she is multi-facted in the creative realm and most recently released a look book for […]

Having balance as an entrepreneur – speaking for myself, it’s one of the hardest things ever. You know, as a freelance creative you go to this space where you just don’t want to bothered by any human. It’s like, completely zoning out and immersing yourself into projects. Friends call, family members, but the only place […]

    With social media being so present in our daily lives now, it’s so easy for everyone to be attracted to the idea of being a designer. Not only fashion, but the digital world is growing rapidly as well. I constantly have received the question of what have I done to sustain myself in the industry […]


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