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Welcome to my thoughts, tips, tricks and expertise on everything I love. From branding, home interior to plant care. Go ahead and take a gander, I'm sure you'll find something that you're into... there are also surprise freebies - have a look around

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I met Brianna at least… 10 years ago through one of my close friends ( amazing! LOL ) and have seen her grow into a beautiful, multi-talented woman. I LOVE her work and watching her progress and bloom as an artist and absolutely had to share her and her work with you all! Meet Brianna […]

One of the key elements for your brand is defining your color scheme. Through experience, most tend to choose colors that are trendy at the time. I totally understand this, however, you must keep in mind that just because a color is trendy, that may not be best for your business in years to come. […]


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