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I designed this because I wanted to do something fun… with free flowing doodles and shapes. I am really enjoying pale pinks with a crimson / deep red right now. Hope you all enjoy the template ๐Ÿ™‚ NOTICE: Be sure to check your spam just in case the download link doesn’t come directly to your […]

For House of Chic, we created something that was fun, feminine and chic. A very Sex and the City vibe. We created this by using a traditional navy with a pop of pink for the brand guidelines. For the font, I used a sleek, feminine serif font – giving a very girl boss kind of […]

For many, I am sure hiring a designer can be difficult, but the question is, what do you actually need before hiring your graphic and/or web designer? In this blog, i’ll address a few things you need to know before diving head first into this thing. Whether starting a blog, e-commerce website, event or just […]

Many people always wonder if itโ€™s REALLY necessary these days to have a business card, Considering now we can just share information on the spot via cell phone or directing someone to view your website and/or social media platforms. Well, the answer is YES. As an entrepreneur it is definitely necessary to still have a […]


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