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Welcome to my thoughts, tips, tricks and expertise on everything I love. From branding, home interior to plant care. Go ahead and take a gander, I'm sure you'll find something that you're into... there are also surprise freebies - have a look around

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Fancy Chance is a girls / tweens brand that will officially be relaunching January 2018. I had fun with this project because I got to play with colors and even do some awesome packaging / printing using a super cool hologram effect. We did a logo revamp, new packaging and currently working on a complete […]

For House of Chic, we created something that was fun, feminine and chic. A very Sex and the City vibe. We created this by using a traditional navy with a pop of pink for the brand guidelines. For the font, I used a sleek, feminine serif font – giving a very girl boss kind of […]

Mintimates by Draya Michele – Logo Design & Brand Guidelines feature a gender neutral color palette, using relaxing / calming colors. I enjoyed creating a timeless logo that was simple, yet strong and gender neutral. The color of the candles are all white to represent a clean, soothing experience.  

The new buzzword is currently, “branding”. We have brand experts, brand management, brand designers, but the question is do we truly know what branding means? Branding goes far beyond a logo design and website design and in this blog I will address what branding is and the importance of it to grow your business and connect […]


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