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January 21, 2017

Hey guys! It’s me, Jonnell… LOL

Thanks for stopping by! I am the designer behind it all. I have been a freelance designer for 11 years, With a little bit of schooling and a good portion self taught. 

1. I was born to create.
2. There’s nothing else I’d rather do.

While in high school, I enrolled in an Interactive Media program at a tech school. There I found my passion for design. Throughout the course I was required to learn the entire adobe suite which, included video editing, web design, audio editing and graphic design.

In college, my major was broadcast communications, however, I found myself back in the design world when I discovered I could get paid to design party flyers. This quickly turned from a part time hustle to a full time gig at a local radio station and furniture company.

From there, things moved at a pretty fast pace and I found myself living in Dallas, TX. I quickly became one of the most sought after graphic designers in the state. During my years in Texas, I developed a unique style and a niche for fonts and color, eventually launching a women’s streetwear line in 2013.

By 2014, I made the move to Los Angeles, CA and haven’t slowed down since. I’ve designed for brands such as Ebony Magazine, Sorella Boutique, Mint Swim, EngineEars ( Mixed by Ali ) and more.

As an expert in color and typography, I am currently developing a line of stationary and home office products, while assisting others in developing their brands.  I also teach other female entrepreneurs about business and  share my personal experiences and journey as a freelance designer via my blog.



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