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I spent time doing things for myself this year. Things that I had been putting off or simply wanting to experiment with. Turns out, those are the things that I am MOST proud of this year. Reflecting on all of my projects, I truly enjoyed being able to freely create. Something most don’t realize is […]

I recently had the chance to sit down with Babes and Felines owner, Ciera Rogers so that we could team up and come up with a design that personifies Babes & Felines. We both share a common view that women should embrace themselves and who they are, no matter what shape, size or color. We […]

Whew! My first event in LA is over and I must say! I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who attended – it was a great turn out and I appreciate you all! It was a pleasure to meet everyone and be able to network and give a little knowledge to help other […]

I have been following Coralie on Instagram for quite some time now. Initially her work caught my eye on the explore page on Instagram. I was in awe due to the nature of her work – she’s able to fit amazing artwork on the tiniest of spaces, nails! I love that she shares her process […]


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