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Creative Studio Revamp

July 12, 2019

Filed in: Design

I woke up one day and went through my website and realized I was entirely disgusted and hated my website. It did not represent me, my services or scope of creativity well. There was not a space you could go to actually view the works of the creative studio, the scope of projects we work on and how to connect with me there. The style of the website felt very generic and I am simply nothing of the sort lol. I enjoy giving people feels and a vibe. I have a close working relationship established with the clients that I work with which allows us to flow and create effortlessly.

To begin revamp, I started by creating a moodboard.

I really connected with the colors, tones and textures on the mood board. The goal was to feel relaxed, at home… a little bit of nostalgia.

From there, I redid my handwritten logo. Versus applying a pattern, I wanted this logo to feel exactly like my handwriting. Exactly as it would appear at the end of a note or letter. The reason for this is that I wanted to establish the feel of a more personal connection and less “designy” more “artisty”

The same night I decided to create my color palette, using watercolors. Using the watercolors, I created the earth tone color palette. The most important colors I wanted to include were brown and burnt orange. Burnt orange being a color I’ve been diggin for awhile. I chose earth tones, because they provide a warm cozy feeling. While creating the color palette, I also realized that I loved the actual texture of the watercolor paper, which I decided to incorporate as my pattern. You will see this pattern throughout numerous things such as my downloads, business card, art prints etc.

Next – we created the content for the revamp. I initially hired a different photographer and started going in a completely different direction. Once I received the initial photos, I realized the vibe was totally not what I was going for so I tapped in with one of my favorite photographers, Chris Paul Thompson.

Road trips and going on solo retreats are something I really connect with. Gives me time to unwind, seemingly disconnect from everything and just relax. I decided to find a home in a secluded area of Yucca Valley that matched my vibe and the style and feels I was looking for. Being that the goal is for potential clients to feel “at home” I felt that my visuals needed to feel like I was at home and in my most comfortable state.

Since my goal was also to provide a little nostalgia, we shot on both digital ad 35mm film. I am admittedly a morning person, so we shot at sunrise. All of the shots came out simply amazing and give all the feels I was looking for. Much of the attire worn in these photos was vintage as well. Through these images, I wanted people to really be able to connect with me and my style which is also translated through my design and artwork.

Last but not least – the website. The website was created to have a flow and be easy to navigate while not losing the design style and elements. In addition, I wanted to create a space where each person can get a good idea of everything that I do, from being #PlantBae, to the creative studio, home decor and my dabbling in art. Needless to say – this 7 month experience has been well worth it and I feel through taking myself through this process, I can adjust some things to provide an even better experience for all clients. Had a few headaches and hiccups, had some adventures and the end result was exactly what I dreamed of. Enjoy and feel free to comment!

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