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My Favorite Projects of 2018

December 31, 2018

I spent time doing things for myself this year. Things that I had been putting off or simply wanting to experiment with. Turns out, those are the things that I am MOST proud of this year. Reflecting on all of my projects, I truly enjoyed being able to freely create. Something most don’t realize is although I set my own schedule, being a freelance designer, I still work for others under their guidelines and rules. It’s so much fun to be able to FREELY create, without the boundaries and guidelines of another persons ideas. Below, is a quick recap of all my favorites from this past year 🙂


For those who don’t know, JUNCTION is my baby. Abbreviated JNCT – my cousin / business partner / best friend / psychiatrist Chris Thompson created this business together as an outlet for me to be able to create and share the things I enjoy most. These items mainly consist of home decor, office decor and stationary. Every item is handmade, which adds a special little touch. While still working out the kinks, this past year I was able to release a few of my favorite things. I styled and did creative direction for each shoot, while Chris handled the photography. I LOVED how the presentation came out and even sold out of a few items! Can’t wait to continue to release more in 2019. We still have some items left – just visit and I’ve got a little code if you’re reading this use NEWYEAR for a surprise discount 🙂

Luxxy Brow & Skin

I had the opportunity to style and create some really cool content images for a skincare brand. I really loved the tone of these and had fun creating and styling these products and hope to have more projects like this in the near future.

Bellen Brand

I always love to have the opportunity to incorporate my artwork into a clients design or project. For Bellen Brand – we decided to create a sketch with hands throwing up the signature “LA” sign. Adding a lil flair to it with red nails and a Bellen ring to signify a traditional LA babe. My client got this on her wall in her office in addition to turning it into march for the brand. Head over to to pick up this super cute merch 🙂

Brand Nails

The Brand Nails is Draya Michele’s new business venture that recently opened in Tarzana, Ca which is a suburb of Los Angeles. I had the opportunity to create the signage and additional brand design for this nail bar. I always enjoy having the opportunity to see my work as signage and beyond digital or print. Seeing your work come to life on a large scale is such a fulfilling moment. Be sure to go check them out if you’re in the area or visiting LA. They do such great work and if you know me, you know I’m such a nail girl 🙂

Mint Swim

I had the opportunity to produce a super fire photoshoot for the Mint Swim brand with my favorite team. Just wanted to drop my favorite photos here and you can check out the Mint Swim site featuring the new images and designed by me 🙂

Photographer: Chris Paul Thompson

MUA: Calvin Dexter

Models: Jasmine McNew & Amani Summers

Producer: Jonnell Chavez

Wardrobe: Mint Swim

Babes & Felines Collab

I had the opportunity to collab with Babes & Felines on some original artwork to embody and represent the brand. Babes CEO, Ciera Rogers and I sat down and came up with the concept of creating a line sketch to represent women of all shapes and sizes. I love being able to share my artwork through different mediums and for this collab we created pillows, sweatshirts and totes. You can snag one on sale on her website now and stay tuned as we plan to release a few more products as a part of this collab 🙂 I was able to creative direct, design all advertising and do a little “modeling” ( let’s use that term loosely lol ) as a part of this project.

Photographer: Chris Paul Thompson

MUA: Calvin Dexter

Models: September Parker & Jonnell Chavez

You Glow Girl

In 2018, I hosted my first women’s networking event in Los Angeles. The event took so much planning, time and dedication and turned out absolutely amazing 🙂 I was super proud that I was able to pull everything together ( with the help of my amazing mother ). I faced a few hurdles and learned a few things to keep in mind for my next event. I even had some amazing panelists and I am so grateful for them! In 2019, I would love to continue this event and host a series in a few different cities. I met some amazing women and built some great relationships and looking forward to so much more!

My Artwork

I feel like I have grown so much as an artist this year. I experimented with multiple mediums, which was really cool. I was able to implement my art and design in many different ways and can’t wait to expand upon this more. I want to really be able to cross / connect my design work and my art. I expect to do some amazing things this upcoming year. In the meantime take a peep at some of the artwork I have done along AND I have a new release exclusively on JUNCTION to start the new year 🙂 Scroll to the bottom to purchase my cell phone case created with my acrylic pour artwork!

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