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“Every Body is Beautiful” Babes Collab

November 9, 2018

I recently had the chance to sit down with Babes and Felines owner, Ciera Rogers so that we could team up and come up with a design that personifies Babes & Felines. We both share a common view that women should embrace themselves and who they are, no matter what shape, size or color. We want women to embrace themselves and wanted to do something promoting body positivity. I created a line drawing which shows women of different shapes and designed to encourage women to embrace themselves, flaws and all. This design is to encourage women to be happy with who they are, which is what started the “Every BODY is Beautiful” campaign. Below you can check out the images and shop the campaign, shot by Chris Paul Thompson in Los Angeles, CA. Click on the images to shop our collab 🙂

My Body is Beautiful Pillow Cover
My Body is Beautiful Pink Crewneck
My Body is Beautiful Tote
My Body is Beautiful Nude Sweater
My Body is Beautiful Dad Hat

My Body is Beautiful Campaign

Produced by: Jonnell Chavez

Photographer: Chris Paul Thompson

Models: Jonnell & September

MUA: Calvin Dexter

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