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The Best Plant for First Time Plant Parents

July 9, 2018

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My love for plants came about 2 years ago when I was on Instagram and stumbled up on Justina Blakeney and The Jungalow. I started with a few mini succulents because I didn’t have much space and really didn’t know what I was doing. From there I did a little research and invested in getting my first Pothos.

Pothos is a beautiful vining plant that comes in many varieties and easy to take care of / maintain. Pothos plants thrive in low sunlight which makes them good houseplants. I have now had my first one for 2 years and it’s been through it’s fair share of trauma but even so, it is pretty easy to nurse them back to good health. This is one of the many reasons why the Pothos is my number one recommendation for new plant lovers. Below check out a few of my babies along with how to care for the Pothos and what makes them so easy to maintain.

  1. Watering – With this plant, it is best to let them dry out completely between waterings, which means very little maintenance. You want to check the soil prior to watering. If the soil is still very damp, give it a few days as overwatering can cause the leaves to begin turning yellow. You also want to avoid overwatering and letting the roots of your plant sit in water as it can cause the roots to rot, in which will kill the plant. You can tell by the leaves on your plant to know the condition / health. If it is not getting enough water, the leaves will begin to wilt. However, the great thing is that as soon as you water your Pothos, you will see the leaves come back to life in about 24-48 hours.
  2. Sunlight – These plants thrive in bright, indirect light or low light. Do not put them in direct sunlight as they do not do well and tend to lose their luster and eventually die.
  3. Maintenance – If you see a few yellow leaves on your pothos, don’t panic. It happens. Just be sure to remove any yellowing leaves.
  4. Great for the eco system – This is one plants that helps to purify your air. Making them perfect for home and/or office situations.


Please leave any questions you may have about plants and I’ll be sure to answer them! Next week – I will share a list of the trendiest / MUST HAVE plants for this season 🙂

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