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What is a visual brand and why do I need one?

June 6, 2018

I get asked SO often – exactly what is a visual brand? The simplest way to answer that is –> you story.

Visuals are a powerful mechanism. Your brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text. That should give a good example of just HOW important visuals are.

With your brand visuals – you want to tell a story which your story is essentially the make up of your visual brand. Story telling is an art and very powerful mechanism. Your brand story is what connects your audience to your brand and makes it memorable. Your brand story is also the core and foundation or your brand. Without it – it makes it hard to stand out in todays market which is essentially over saturated with entrepreneurs sprouting and new businesses being born everyday.

You have to find a way to make your story compelling to your audience, which also requires you establishing and getting to know your audience ( if you don’t know your audience and have yet to establish, check out my Just the Basics: Visual Branding Guide & Workbook ). Your ability to tell your story is what makes your brand relatable and captivates an audience, even if they aren’t at first interested in what you are selling / promoting. Think of how many times something caught your eye, that you didn’t necessarily need, but due to the presentation, you were immediately drawn in ( commercials, images, product packaging, etc ).

To tell your story well, you must capture your audience through sharing your mission statement, your process and who YOU are by creating connection points beyond what you are selling. This allows you to gain the trust of your audience. Although for some it may be hard to share these things, because most people that run the business like to stay behind the scenes- you have to create some sort of way to humanize your brand and put a face with it. You can do so by :

  • giving sneak peeks of your process
  • incorporate tools that you use daily in your images
  • sharing a diary / journal of your process of your business via blog
  • sharing your day to day via insta story / facebook stories

These can all assist in creating that visual connection.

For others to engage with your images, you want to show and tell your story in such a way that your audience can visualize themselves using or wearing your product. You want things to be relatable to others. It’s like music – some of our most notable music artists are where they are today and a part of history because of the way they can tell a story ; which makes you feel as if you have been there before or can see yourself in that position. You can relate to that artists story. That’s how you want your brand visuals to make your audience feel.

You want your visuals to have purpose and connect with your audience beyond what you are selling. Post with intent, versus posting anything and overselling people.

Here are a few types of visual posts to get you going and help others engage with you:

  • Moodboard Photos – share photos of your inspo or things that get you going and inspire your goals, day to day activities and interests beyond your brand.
  • Lifestyle Photos – share images that document real life events or situations
  • Styled Photos – show your product styled with items they would possibly use or pair with what you are selling. This would not include the use of a face.
  • Growth Photos – allow people to see and share your journey

Hope this helps to get you going! Please share and feel free to ask questions below πŸ™‚

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  1. Dope read thank you for this!! Great insight, tips and suggestions!

  2. So helpful do you have a book. Would you like to share your photographer information.


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