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#YouGlowGirl Event Recap

February 28, 2018

Whew! My first event in LA is over and I must say! I cannot say thank you enough to everyone who attended – it was a great turn out and I appreciate you all! It was a pleasure to meet everyone and be able to network and give a little knowledge to help other women continue to push forward with their dreams and businesses.

Everything still feels so surreal – I am thankful and blessed to have been able to put on this event and looking forward to many more 🙂 The plan was to see how the first event went and begin to host and bring #YouGlowGirl to different cities ( Dallas, get ready! ). To the hosts, Felicia Latour, Hagar Elaziz and Stella Simona were awesome! I admire all of you! Your energy, your businesses and as mothers 🙂 Thank you for believing this event and contributing your time and expertise.

SPECIAL THANK YOU to: KIND Snacks and LaFleur Bouquets for the wonderful gifts you provided each lady in their gift bags and the BIGGEST thank you to my mom. She was able to keep me calm and help me execute everything from the decor, food and clean up. I totally could not have pulled this off without her! Those who attended please feel free to leave comments and/or any questions you wanted to ask about business that were not answered.

Below is a brief gallery recap from the event and the #YouGlowGirl Playlist from the event 🙂 feel free to tag me in any images on instagram as well. ( oh, and sorry I didn’t get a group pic before everyone started leaving, I didn’t think of this until my mom suggested it and the event was practically over LOL )

#YouGlowGirl iTunes Playlist ( listen on shuffle )

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