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February 4, 2018

Sometimes, life hits us fast, especially as entrepreneurs. Your schedule is booked with activities, work is piling on, you have to cook, clean, find time to work out, find time for yourself and basically you start feeling like life is crumbling beneath you and you barely have any time to sleep. Trust me, you are not alone!

Many times I find that I start feeling like I can do any and everything, the world is mine. No one can stop me. Next thing I know, I’m over extending myself and coming up with imaginary deadlines, not taking into consideration that I have EIGHT other projects I am juggling. it becomes a whirlwind.

Usually, in these cases I find myself so overwhelmed that I come up with the conclusion to just take a nap and start the day over. It’s too much at once and I have to face the fact that I CAN’T do it all by MYSELF.

Over time I have learned that, versus taking a nap, find ways to delegate and get things done. Don’t run from the stress, tackle it, so that you can then allow yourself to destress and you’re likely to wake up feeling way better about that nap and not waking up to 10 text messages, 5 emails and 8 missed calls.

For certain projects and smaller things I have started to outsource. It really takes the weight off of my shoulders and allows me the opportunity to focus on creating. Going over revisions can be time consuming as well as responding to emails. Between text messages and social media all the responding  and correspondence can be a bit to keep up with.

Wake up, roll out of bed and get going. I find my days easier to deal with when I wake up and immediately go workout OR at the very least… walk my dog. When you work behind a computer all day, it’s easy to find yourself eating snacks and stuck. You want to get up and get out at least once a day to keep your clear so that you don’t become easily irritated or frustrated and overwhelmed.

Communicate, it’s okay to ask for extra time. When you realize you’ve gotten in over your head, communicate and ask your clients for an extended deadline. Most people are okay with it, just as long as they are informed so that they know how to proceed. Shit happens. It’s life. But don’t stress yourself out, panic and not do your best work.

Last but not least, TAKE the SELF CARE day. Sometimes, I get so busy and engulfed in work, I find myself sitting around in sweats, hair not done, Starbucks coffee cups everywhere with no makeup. Take time off to care for you! Get pretty and get out the house.

I have to tell myself from time to time, Yeah yeah, I’m woman, hear me roar blah blah blah BUT it’s okay to admit you are overwhelmed. You are NOT superwoman, you are human, you can’t do everything alone. It’s okay to ask for the help and take time for yourself. If you’re not well, your business won’t be well and everybody loses.

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  1. J.M. says:

    This post is very true. Much needed ! Xo J đź’–


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