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How to refocus when your schedule gets a little crazy

May 15, 2017

Often times it feels like I go from a really relaxed schedule to a crazy busy schedule where i’m juggling like 10 things at once. In the past, I would become so overwhelmed and completely freak out and shut down. I would literally just disappear into my own little space because I would begin feeling like I didn’t know where to start or what’s next.


Being an entrepreneur, I’ve found that it’s not just me – it gets that way for everyone sometimes! However, you can’t just shut down, you have to take a moment to regroup, prioritize and keep things rolling and running smoothly. Attack and tackle things head on! Below you will find a few tips on what gets me through a crazy work schedule and be sure to read to the end for a treat to assist you in keeping track of your projects, meetings and tings 🙂


  1. Write it down – write down your tasks and prioritize them from high priority to low priority. Plan out your day and focus on completing the high priority items first and work your way down the list.
  2. Play some relaxing music – often times when I am listening to upbeat music, it puts me in a frenzy – trade your upbeat music to something relaxing like classical, jazz or even nature sounds.
  3. Turn off all social media – Do not get on social media. For me, aimlessly scrolling through social media wastes valuable time and takes away from my focus and daily plans. Limit your social media time and definitely don’t let it be the first thing you focus on in the morning.
  4. Clean up – a clean workspace clears your head. It’s really hard to focus and gather yourself when everything is in a disarray. Take an hour, clean and organize then refocus your energy.


BONUS* – Drink water or caffeine. Either one does the trick for me. Put your phone down have a cup of coffee or a tall glass of water and reset 🙂


Click Below for a bonus guide to help you prioritize and organize your day.

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