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Insp-HER-a-tion: Meet Artist Brianna Woods & Her World of Color

March 1, 2017

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I met Brianna at least… 10 years ago through one of my close friends ( amazing! LOL ) and have seen her grow into a beautiful, multi-talented woman. I LOVE her work and watching her progress and bloom as an artist and absolutely had to share her and her work with you all! Meet Brianna Woods and learn more about ‘Lost Liberty’ below.

Your artwork is amazing and I have admired you for quite some time. How long have you been creating?

I have been painting ever since I was a little girl. However, I have been painting to sell since 2011.

What is the inspiration behind your paintings?

I am inspired by our world. I am inspired by iconic women who have made a difference In society. Most of my abstract paintings were painted out of reaction to a societal issue or a personal tribulation in my life. I am also inspired by nature. I incorporate free form shapes that resemble the human body, water, plants and animals. I study sunsets as well to master natural transitions of color and experiments with color palettes in my work. I am also inspired by sounds. Honestly, I can pull inspiration from anywhere.

What is your favorite medium to create on / with?

Acrylic paint is my favorite medium because I can control it fairly easily. I enjoy creating vibrant patterns with several colors without them blending too much. Acrylic paint doesn’t mix naturally so it works great with my painting style.

What is your favorite piece that you have created thus far?

I cannot say that I have a favorite piece. In general, I pour a lot of emotions into my work making them all equally as important to me. I think my most impactful work was a mural I painted of Maya Angelou in the 2nd grade hallway of my elementary school. I know they will always remember who she is and her legacy just from seeing it everyday.

What are 3 must haves during your creative process?

I must have music. It sets the tone for my painting process and is typically reflected in my color pallet.

I must have my old rug to cover the floor. I also use it to wipe my brush clean without using water because water will blend the colors rather than layering them.  

I must have pure white light. It is essential to creating the right colors and ensuring they appear correctly on the canvas.

How did the name ‘Lost Liberty’ come about?

The name Lost Liberty came to me after experiencing abuse as a teenager. I dedicated myself to becoming bigger than my circumstances by starting a brand to protect my creative endeavors especially my artwork. My artwork typically connects with my clients on an emotional level and that has always been my goal. I don’t merely paint because I like it. I paint because of how it affects the people who observe and connect with my work. I am huge on philanthropic work so I’ve donated work over the years to groups that I feel are vulnerable in society especially centers for children and women. I currently have my work on display in a coffeeshop that survives on donations to fund community service and mission trips. My original work challenges gender roles, masculinity versus femininity, blackness, value systems etc to elicit a conversation or thought process for that individual. Even though I created the work with these subjects in mind, the viewer may see something different and that is the point. I stylize my art and use many abstractions for the viewer to draw their on conclusions and begin the process of being lost to discover their liberty. Or put short, I want them to think outside the box society has constructed to contain our minds.

Your personal style is so bomb and original! Who/What are some of your current inspirations?

My style style icons are Rihanna, Solange, and Jennifer Lopez. They dress their bodies well while having so much individuality! I would describe my personal style as retro with a sexy edge. I take pride in putting unique outfits together by mixing pieces from different generations. I play with textures a lot: the more chains, fur, lace, silk and jean, the better!


What obstacles have you faced as creative?

My biggest obstacle has been creating a following. I consistently produce good work but it does not get the exposure I would like. However, I don’t complain because I keep consistent clientele. I know things will change once I move to a city with a larger creative scene.

What advice would you give to offer ladies looking to be in the creative industry?

Believe in your brand and be consistent. Managing a brand is about timing. People have short attention spans so you need to study your audience and learn how to target them effectively. Always produce quality work because it speaks volumes for your work ethic. Passion stands out so do not be overly concerned with competing with others.

Bonus* You are such an insp-her-ation! What can we expect to see from you this year?

My goal is to have my work on display at a Women’s Expo or be included in a show in a new location!

Connect with Brianna and see more of her work below!


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