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How to Manage Your Social Media Effortlessly While Balancing Work

February 20, 2017

Managing your social media and keeping everything branded these days is and can be a part time job. On top of everything else that you have to do to run your business, you don’t want this to be something that becomes a distraction or hassle. Keeping your social media consistent ( not JUST instagram ) plays a big part in building your brand these days. You want to steadily be putting out ( QUALITY ) content and establishing your brand through images, video and media in general. I have to stress QUALITY content because putting out a bunch of, excuse my language, but bullshit content isn’t going to build your brand or make it stand out from anyone else. If you are lacking content, I recommend taking a break from posting and generate quality content that connects with your target audience.

To create quality content, you must set aside time to do so and not be too focused on how your social media channels will run. A good way to be able to free up your time is time plan your social media content. Not only what images / media you will be sharing, but also important hashtags to use, the caption and what time / days you will post.

It sounds so easy, but honestly once you get down to it, it becomes such a hassle and most of us don’t have time to ponder on what image to post and take 15 – 30 minutes editing and deciding on a caption ( LOL ). In order to avoid this I use a calendar and Dropbox to help me organize and manage what I will be posting every day. Below are a few tips to get your flow for social media and keep everything balanced.


  1. Dropbox is your friend – By creating a dropbox folder for each day of the week, you can put the images that you intend on posting in each folder and number them 1-3 so that you know which image to lead the day with. It’s a free, convenient way to keep all of your images accessible and organized. There is also an iphone and android app so that you can have access to everything from your phone.
  2. Social Media Calendar – By using a social media calendar, you can plan the time of day you will post, keep track of important hashtags to use each day along with keeping track of your theme that you will use each week along with VSCO settings.
  3. What is VSCO? – VSCO is a good tool to use for establishing themed images and editing. There are tons of presets or you can customize your own. The other good thing with VSCO is that you can copy and paste your favorite preset to all of your images. You can download VSCO on your iphone / android.
  4. Be sure to connect / link all of your accounts – there are ways now share your instagram to your facebook, twitter, tumblr etc., which will save you time and keep everything in sync. This is a good way to keep everything up to date. Although you may not get to post separately on each social media outlet everyday, this will keep things trucking along.
  5. Automated Posts – This hadn’t yet been created for Instagram, but for a lot of other social media outlets, you can schedule automated posts. If you’d like to be able to do so in 1 place for multiple platforms, I highly recommend using Buffer. You can schedule your posts for each day of the week and let em rip. They also provide feedback on analytics and how well your social media is doing. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it!

I hope this helps for you to get started organizing and managing your social media effortlessly so that you can put some focus into other areas for your brand πŸ™‚ To assist with your organization, below you will find a FREE social media calendar for instagram. ( Check your spam if it doesn’t immediately show in your inbox )

Happy posting and let me know any questions you may have below and how you have used your free download πŸ™‚

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  1. Trenton Smith says:

    Oh my God! Jonnell this blog and message was so needed. Because I’ve been having a difficult time managing all my social media pages while editing video footage for other projects. I will take into consideration the information that you stated about automated postings and the drop box 123. That’s a smart move. Thank you for the information. Have a blessed day.

    • Jonnell says:

      Thank you for reading! Having things set up in a Dropbox you can easily access definitely makes it a lot easier πŸ˜©πŸ™ŒπŸ½

  2. Charlotte says:

    Hi Jonell,
    Just what I was looking for! Thank you – great post! I’m curious about your social media calendar – do you have any tips on what works best for you?

    • Jonnell says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚ for me – I also schedule my posts on phone so that I get alerts each time. I have Dropbox on my phone as well so I just go into my folders and download from there to post πŸ‘ŒπŸ½


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