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Balancing Working From Home

February 3, 2017

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Commonly I am asked, “ How is it that you can actually work from home and not get distracted?”, and honestly, I do! However, over the past 7 years, I have learned how to have a system and some structure to be able to successfully work from home full time.

First things first, there’s that common myth that working from home, you can do whatever you want… Totally not true. It actually takes more focus and dedication to work from home. You’re in control of everything, there’s no set schedule someone has planned out from you and you’re not necessarily in a traditional work environment. You don’t even have to get dressed for goodness sake! So below are a few tips to balance working from home.


Set A Schedule


Not just a schedule that you ignore – you should plan out your entire week and follow it. I plan out my entire week with everything that I know I need to do, including lunch and/or happy hours with friends LOL I do this so that I can have some structure in my life. I begin working, every morning no later than 8am – start my mornings at 6am with a cup of tea and going over what I need to do – then take an hour for myself to mentally prepare. Having a schedule and set business hours will definitely assist you in prioritizing things and making sure everything gets done. For me, it helped to assist in learning what I can realistically get done and in what time. Taking mental notes is not setting a schedule. With mental notes I really find that you’re usually just overlapping things and piling things up on yourself that you can’t get done. Write it down AND I recommend keeping a schedule in your phone with alarms.


Get Dressed!


This is something my grandmother recommended to me yearrrs ago and pointed out – even though you are working from home, that doesn’t mean just sit in your PJs all day, every day. Some days, okay fair enough, but it can get depressing sitting in pajamas and being a hermit all day. Working from home you want to keep a good state of mind and good vibes, getting dressed does that for most people and changes your mood and vibe for the day. Do your makeup, do your hair, just for the heck of it… just because it feels good to look good 🙂


Designated Workspace


Even though you are in your home, you should never just sit in your bed working all day. Most people can’t sit in their bed and work efficiently. You should designate a space for your office and make sure the decor and vibes make you feel good to keep you on task as well. That’s why I like creating and making the vision for my spaces come to life through decor because it really sets the mood! Being in a space you dislike is more likely to make you less productive. So, do what you can to make your space your own and create a great working environment. Make your space work for you!


No Social Media / No Email Zone


Although we all love social media, to be productive, you simply can’t be on social media all day. Aside from that, it’s also unhealthy. Set times of the day that you do not open any social media apps as well as not checking your email. Constantly checking your email on your phone all day and stopping what you’re doing to respond to every email can be a distraction. You should check emails at the beginning of the day, mid day and end of the work day to stay organized and less distracted.


Set Business Hours


I mentioned this earlier, at the very beginning, but business hours ARE necessary. I used to deal with the problem of constantly getting people contacting me late at night – pretty much anytime they felt like it via phone and text. That will make you tired and get burnt out really fast. You have to have some time for yourself, away from business – period. Business will always be on your mind but you have to have times where you give yourself a relief and focus on living life. Essentially – you have to have balance.
Those are my top 5 tips on balancing working from home. I know without a doubt these are some things that will really help to make working from home something that can work for you and not against you. Let’s talk about it! What do you do to work at home efficiently and if you try the above listed, let me know how it works out for you 🙂


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