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3 Important Things I Have Learned As An Entrepreneur

February 7, 2017

Being an entrepreneur was definitely not something I planned… I just kind of fell into it, so I’ve definitely hit some bumps in the road along the way. Lots of learning lessons ( though I am grateful for them all ). It’s been 7 years since I’ve embarked on this journey and I wouldn’t change a thing 🙂

From being dead broke, to the late nights, no off days – I still have had the opportunity to do something I love, design, everyday.


So, what has being an entrepreneur taught me?


  1. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch: Oh, this is a mistake I’ve made FAR too often. Spending my money before I have it. I used to plan to spend based on what I EXPECTED to make, not by how much I was actually receiving. For example, “ I can spend $500 on these shoes because i’ll have another $1500 by the end of the week.” However, being an entrepreneur, that has not always been the case. It may take 2 days, 1 week or 30 days  to collect payment for a project and in some rare instances, I would never receive payment for completed work. To fix this, I had to implement policies, late fees, contracts and more to ensure that I am compensated what I am owed within a timely fashion. But yeah, all in all what I’m saying is don’t spend your money before you’ve received it, don’t even make plans lol
  2. Stay ready, so you don’t have to get ready: You never know what opportunity is going to be available so be sure you stay prepared. By staying prepared, I mean stay organized, make sure you have all the necessary documents and paperwork for your business, keep your website / portfolio up to date. I’ve literally lost out on some awesome opportunities merely because I wasn’t ready / prepared to take them on…most commonly due to organization. As an entrepreneur, organization is key.
  3. Everything is not going to be perfect and there is no such thing: I’ve literally had to learn to grow with the flow, roll with the punches and not be overly sensitive. In business, unexpected things happen everyday. Internet goes out, laptop stops working, sick days, you name it. As an entrepreneur, you have to know how to solve problems and keep trucking along. A big portion of being an entrepreneur is problem solving. You have to spend time making informed decisions to steer your business in the right direction, everyday. You don’t have time to pout or sulk. You’ve got to pick yourself up by the britches.


Without the experience from owning my own business I am not quite sure how things would have turned out for me, but I must say that I am grateful for all that it has taught me so far and continues to teach me everyday!
Thanks for reading and feel free to share or ask me any questions 🙂

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  1. Alexis says:

    I love this post so much! Can you do a post on payment and fee policies from your experience… I know I could use it and so can many 🙂


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