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Why Branding Is More Than Just A Logo

January 6, 2017

The new buzzword is currently, “branding”. We have brand experts, brand management, brand designers, but the question is do we truly know what branding means? Branding goes far beyond a logo design and website design and in this blog I will address what branding is and the importance of it to grow your business and connect with your audience.

What is branding?

Your logo is just one small piece of your actual branding. Branding is comprised of a ton of little things that make your brand as a whole. Some of these things include your color palette, the way you post online, what you post, the style, tone and mood of your images and having it all cohesive across every platform. Branding is about consistency with the same vision and voice in everything you do, it’s about what you see and how it influences what you feel. The definition of ‘brand identity’ is how your business wants to be perceived by consumers.

What is included in branding?

When designing, I had to understand that when providing someone with a logo, I have to give them MORE than JUST a logo. You have to include color palettes, patterns, fonts and more so that it helps establish the brand identity and gives direction for the visuals. This helps you, so that you can understand the purpose of your company and establish who your target market / audience is. Without these things, it makes it difficult to establish your brand. A few questions you have to ask yourself are, ” what void does my company fulfill in its industry and why?” , “Who am I marketing to?” , ” Who is my ideal customer / client?”.  These questions will help you establish your voice and purpose in your industry.

I’ve worked with countless businesses that are just not quite sure of their direction and want to see growth with their business; but it’s really hard when you have not established a clear vision and direction for your brand. Consistency is essential for growth, which comes through people being able to relate to and connect with your brand.

Once people recognize your brand, they are reminded of your brand existence, which would lead them to your website or to follow you on social media.

So remember these key things when establishing your branding: Voice, Vision, Purpose & Visual Style

Driving it on home

Understand that branding consists of everything that you put out into the universe. All the way down to your snapchat, tweets and even how you present yourself in a business setting.

On social media, you have to establish your direction. For instance,  you can’t be dark, moody, fun and bright – those are contradictory to each other and can cause confusion and for people to disconnect with your brand. You are either dark and moody OR fun and bright. When establishing your identity, you must have a solid visual foundation and voice. Know your purpose and establish your vision through visuals that your target audience can connect with.

Visually, branding includes your logo, but it is simply ONE piece to a puzzle. Outside of visuals it includes your company vision, purpose and voice. Most importantly, how you tie everything together cohesively and in a memorable way.

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