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Why Having Content Ready for Your Designer is Important

November 15, 2016

So, you just started a new business, registered your business name, got the logo design completed and now you’re ready for your website but not sure where to begin.

When you visit a website, ( any website for that matter ), what makes the website appeal to their target market is the content. Web content is comprised of not only the text, but also the images. Below i’ll talk about why it is important to have these things together and prepared for your web designer.

Many people are under the impression when they are looking to get a website done that the designer provides the content, however, this is not the case. Unless you are working with a full agency and have previously had a conversation with your designer about this, never assume. The reason is because, most designers do not specialize in copywriting or photography. Sometimes, websites can include up to 8 pages or more that need text, it’s important to have this prepared prior to starting the design process. Without the necessary text to insert, you will end up with a lot of blank pages. As the designer, it’s our job to format the text and stylize, not to create all of the content itself. A designer could also use dummy content, which may look aesthetically pleasing, but creates an unrealistic design expectation.

In addition, not having the proper content prior to starting your site can result in some serious delays. If you fail to give your designer all the necessary content, it will only delay and push back your completion date, the longer you wait to have it done, the longer it takes to complete your website. Considering that the designer likely has other deadlines and clients they are working with, it’s pertinent to get these things to them within a timely fashion.

Content is not only the written content, but images as well. Images will literally make or break a website. Having strong images is also one of the necessities to creating a good looking website. Even with an amazing designer, it’s really hard to  make cell phone images look good. Be sure to do your research and hire a professional photographer. These days, it’s not so hard to come across a good photographer with great rates. Invest in your business, and in the end it’ll definitely be worth it and make all the difference.

Your target market is going to visit your website for the content, not the design. Content is the most important element in web design. A webpage with a simple structure and quality content performs much better than a nice layout and irrelevant or subpar text.

So, all in all, do your research, plan and remember that having content is one of the MOST important elements in design. If you are not sure where to start, ask your web designer for direction prior to beginning your project and they should be able to point you in the right direction or have several recommendations on hand to ensure there is smooth sailing going forward 🙂

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