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4 Tips on Creating a Kick-Ass Eblast

November 29, 2016

The most common questions I get are about marketing / advertising and effective content and design. I wanted to give a few tips and tricks on creating effective content for your email marketing, using amazing headlines and how to build and grow your list. For the first part of this blog, I’m going to cover effective content for your newsletters and / or email marketing.

  1. Creating a Compelling Subject / Headline ¬†Besides content, you have to engage your audience to ¬†make them want to click the email in the first place. I’m sure I don’t just speak for myself, when I say I get TONS of emails everyday. If the headline doesn’t catch my eye, 9 times out of 10 I won’t even open it, I will just click and send it straight to the trash. Creating awesome subject lines may not come easy for everyone, however, that’s why you plan ahead. It’s much easier to plan, versus trying to come up with something last minute ( i’m speaking to myself as well because I am guilty of it lol ). Think of something, quick and catchy ( even cheesy ), no more than 5 words that is still relevant to the content of the email.
  2. Time DOES Matter – Honestly, from my personal observation, there are 2 important times that matter when sending email marketing.
    1. Friday to Sunday – Most people are winding down from the week, after awhile, you’re happy just to be at work and Friday after 5pm you escape from everything. The weekend is here. Sending email marketing during this time, you likely won’t get the best response with opens, which means you’re not driving a very large amount of traffic to your website.
    2. Good Morning – typically around 8am CST is the best time to send email marketing to receive a good response. I’ve tried to follow other guidelines and suggestions, however, this has worked the best for ME. I feel this works the best because most people in this day and age check text messages, social media and email. Depending on the person, it may not be in that order, but those are the top 3 in your phone that you check in the morning. This is when both myself and people around me, tend to look at those random emails that we know we signed up for.
  3. Content -You want to be sure that the content you are sending out is relevant to your market and what they really want to see. If you have a boutique, it’s always good to send out email marketing to let your customers know that you have restocked a popular item, have new arrivals or a sale. Everyone is not on social media all day, so they may not catch that instagram or facebook post, however more than likely, they WILL check their email throughout the day; so this is a good way to keep your customers engaged. For bloggers, it’s good to send out ( depending on how much you are blogging ) at least one email weekly, to inform your readers of new content on your blog and maybe even recap on a blog or 2 that didn’t get as much interaction. Keep people interested with things that actually matter, but don’t overload them with unnecessary information that no one cares about. This will have people quickly unsubscribing from your email list.
  4. Design – Now, this is my favorite part. The design is what is really going to draw people in. Most of the time, when I see things poorly designed, I assume it’s either a) a scam OR b) the people just don’t care so why should I? It’s also good to have some type of animation in your email marketing, just to get the people going. It helps to engage your readers and very catchy. You can easily add animation to your emails by using animated gifs, which are generally, pretty easy to create ( i’ll cover how to make animated gifs later this week ). In your emails, it’s good to create some sort of call to action, “click here”, “shop now”,”read more” – something so that people can easily get to where they are going. If your emails contain no direct links, people will probably just move on because no one has the time to go type in your domain name and try to find what they are looking for. Make things quick, simple and easy to access.

That should about cover it for now and get you well on your way to creating something compelling for your audience. If you have a business, it is important to do this because it engages your customers OUTSIDE of social media and helps for you to establish a loyal reader / customer fanbase. It is important to think outside of social media and to explore options in advertising and marketing because what if, ( I doubt this will happen but just go with me ) Instagram completely shut down one day? Would you STILL have a way to make money? Are you able to engage with your clients / customers outside of social media?

Larger businesses do not thrive by simply relying on social media to run their business for advertising and marketing. Email marketing is just one way, but a more personal way to connect. In addition, it’s free! You can head over to one of my favorites ( ) and sign up to get your account started today.


Happy Marketing!


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