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5 Tips on Launching Your New Brand

October 31, 2016

Launching a new brand can sometimes get very hectic and feels somewhat over bearing at times. Over the years, through tests and trials, I’ve had the opportunity to help launch over 100 brands. This day and time, with the influx of entrepreneurs and the accessibility to do so online, new brands are launched almost every day. Below, I provide a few tips on a successful launch for your company and how to capitalize on the influx of growth you will receive during your launch.

  1. Set a Firm Launch Date & Time – stick to it and prepare to make your first launch announcement.
  2. Advertise Prior to Launch – It’s good to let your audience know that your new brand is launching soon. You’ll want to start making this known no less than 2 weeks prior to your launch via all social media platforms. In addition, have a landing page set up, so that your audience can sign up via email for updates on your launch. A good way to encourage people to sign up is by offering an opt-in incentive ( 20% for new subscribers, free download, etc. ).
  3. Plan & Prep – Once you launch your business, you will have a good amount of consistent growth over the next week or so. To capitalize off of this, be sure you have plans for building your mailing list, future marketing and advertising in place. Prep all of your systems for post launch growth. In addition, create a social media editorial calendar. This is a calendar where you should plan all of your social media posts. This assists in freeing up your time, to allow time to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  4. Check & Review All Web Links– Next to your site not launching, would be your links not working properly or there being blank pages. 
  5. Don’t be Afraid to Ask for Help – Ask your friends and family if they don’t mind posting about your launch as well as the people that were involved with your project. A lot of times, we’re afraid to ask due to a fear of disappointment, however, closed mouths don’t get fed. LOL If there is someone that you feel has been supportive of you, has been there every step of that way or that simply was involved with the making and building of your brand – reach out to them to get all the the support you can with the launch of your new brand 🙂

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