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Email Newsletters: What they are and how they can grow your brand

July 13, 2016

Often people want to know other ways to promote their business outside of social media and I always recommend one of the easiest places to begin is to build and email list. You can use this list to connect with your supporters in a more personal manner and engage with them on another level.

To begin building your email list, if you have an e-commerce platform, that’s a good place to start! You can start building your email / subscription list based on those who have already made purchases. Another way to begin building your email list is by adding a newsletter pop up to your website. This is a quick addition that shouldn’t take much time to implicate into your website. Many of these plugins for your website will also have you connect to a third party to manage your list. Hands down, I say sign up with Mailchimp to handle your newsletter. They are the most user friendly and easiest to design and maintain.

As for the content that should be in your newsletter, you want to start off with the DONT’s, which would include not sending newsletters too often, SPAM trigger words and staying genuine and not getting too automated with your emails. You can read a bit more in depth on Do’s & Donts When Emailing by clicking here, but I’m going to go ahead and dive into the eblast design portion 🙂

When designing your newsletter it’s important to adhere to your brand style guidelines to keep consistency and keep your customers engaged. Most commonly you’ll want your header to include your logo design and keep the header simple. In the body, it’s good to mix text and images that you feel will be appreciated and grasp your customers attention. You’ll want to include special announcements ( new arrivals, restock of a personal style, new blog feature, new product feature etc ) and make them unique to those receiving the newsletter and not the same thing they have seen on your social media everyday. make sure the body of the email includes active links so that your readers can also click and engage with what you are sharing with them.

For your newsletter footer, include ways for your readers to engage with you. Be sure there are links to all social media and a direct email address for questions, concerns etc.

A well put together email can result in acquiring a larger loyal customer / reader base, generate higher sales and reader engagement and much more. We also have to remember a) not everyone has every social media platform b) not everyone gets on social media everyday and c) often, our posts may go unseen, so that super big sale or great feature you had wasn’t even seen by a large portion of your target market.

Below are 2 newsletters that I have designed that proved to be really effective for my clients, click each image to see the full newsletter design.

click hereclick here

That’s pretty much it for newsletters. The basics on what you need to know to get you started and how they can be effective. Use what you have to your advantage. There are so many easy and free ways to market and grow your business!

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