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Shabby & Chic Home Office For Under $250

June 20, 2016

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Shabby & Chic is like totally my thing right now. I’m seriously in love with the style. Which, I feel like I’ve come a long way from feeling like Z Gallerie and all mirrored everything was the end all to home decor lol although I do love them and they have some amazing pieces!

Anywho, since I’m loving this style I decided to put together a home office that’s affordable and super ca-ute!


Shabby N Chic Workspace ( On a Budget )


So, to start off with the most expensive and pretty much the statement pieces let’s start off with the desk. The desk style adds a chic touch to this home office . The original color is white, however you can pick up some paint from your local hardware store as there are a couple of pieces in here that are DIY.
If you’re not into the powder pink – another fun poppy color I would suggest is tangerine for the desktop – SUPER cute and easy! The desk will run you $80 at your local IKEA.

Blue Metal Chair

This may take a little searching, but, check out some garage sales! I’ve found tons of gems at garage sales when searching for furniture. Estimated Cost: $40

Flower Vase

Ever wondered what you could do with those leftover wine bottles? Welp, here’s one good use, make a flower vase! Clean the inside really good and remove all labels. Grab some spraypaint and sandpaper from your local hardware store. You can paint your wine bottle and once dry use the sandpaper to scratch off certain areas to give it a vintage vibe. Grab some flowers from your florist and WALAH! There’s your vintage flower vase. Estimated Cost: $15

Desk Lamp

The desk lamp is from Target ( online only ) and goes for $40

Pen Holder & Wooden Picture Frame

These 2 items can easily be found at a bargain in HomeGoods or Marshall’s . I personally go to Marshall’s for things for home because they surprisingly have a really good selection. Go with a wood frame to add some texture and for the overall vibes.

Voluspa Candle

Sorry but not sorry. These are the best candles ever and they totally set the mood for any room. Cost: $25
and that’s it! You’ve got your shabby chic home office set up and ready to go!


A few other things I would recommend picking up are the Kate Spade Office Accessories as well as some type of cute fur wrong. Can’t go wrong with a warm, fuzzy rug.
This should be no more than an additional $50 to your budget 🙂

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