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Insp-her-ation: Meet Ashlay , the creative cutie next door you should know.

June 22, 2016

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I met Ashlay during my first year in L.A. We had a few associates in common and I later found out that she was an amazing creative and also a fellow Cancerian woman ( June 26th, the day after mine 🙂 ! Her style and just overall aura sets her apart from others, in short she’s just too fresh! Not always on the scene but definitely doing her thing. Read more below to get to know Ashlay!

When did you first discover your love for photography / film?

I began my creative pursuits within music and along the way while working in front of the camera I took a liking to working behind the camera as well.

My earliest memory of being truly intrigued by photography and film i’d have to say there was a point as a child when I lived with my grandfather and he would only allow me to watch oldie sitcoms (I love Lucy, The Addams Family, Gilligan’s Island etc.) I believe thats one reason I will always have an infinite amount of love for black and white images through film work because that was sort of my first introduction to it. Whenever i feel uninspired I alway revert back to shooting b/w.  Whats crazy is years later after my portfolio began to grow extensively I found out my grandfather use to shoot b/w film images for the military during his days of service.   

How long have you been in the industry?

I’ve been on a creative pursuit for a solid 10 years now.  collectively the years have been divided between creating audio, visuals, as well as creative consulting. 

What obstacles have you faced in the creative industry as a woman?

One in particular moment which I think I’ll forever use as motivation..  I was told directly from someone that Id have to pick

between being a “pretty” woman  or “smart” woman.   

Thankfully my values correlate to being all I can be but to someone who has yet to gain that wisdom telling a woman to pick one or the other automatically instills that we are less than equals and only capable of being one or the other. when truthfully we can be both and so much more. In fact,

I personally know quite a few very extremely intelligent, beautiful, talented Renaissance women that I aspire to be as well as inspire to be. 

If you could choose one of your favorite shoots, which would it be and why?

I have a ton of memorable moments and still taking part in many so it’s hard to pick just one.. I will say I find some of my favorite images have been improv shoots..  sometimes if something is too planned out I find myself not liking the outcome as much as I do with improv, spur of the moment shoots. Lifestyle photography will always be my favorite to shoot outside of b/w photography for sure!  

Your style is so fly! Who/What are some of your current inspirations?

Honestly as I kid I grew up mostly in the inner city, I believe thats the sole reason  I’ll always be inspired by street style and everyday people.

Now days I spend a lot of time on La Brea people watching as well as being on set. I’m blessed to be able to work with peers with an incredible sense of style!

Usually, I’m inspired and first attracted to pairing of color ways later on that lead me to be more attentive to silhouettes, cut , and textures of fabric. When pairing items I keep those factors in mind as I decide what will make me FEEL good for the day + ill add a touch of vintage / signature piece whether it be a thrift find or an old pair of kicks and I’m good to go! Its all about a “ feeling” for me.

How did the name ‘No Subliminals’ come about? I love that everything about you has some mystique to it 🙂

Thank you! =)

The name No Subliminals is a bit of subliminal in itself. 

I’m big on word play so to me it’s like… take shots/ send shots / direct / be direct / no subs 


What are 3 must haves during your creative process?

I’m already creatively scattered brained so above all a clean workspace,  great music to score the session.

and last but not least a ‘spark of di spliff. 

Bonus* You are such an insp-her-ation! Could you share some projects you may be working on that we can expect to see from you soon?

Within the relaunch of my site(s) I’m releasing an audio/visual collection of short stories entitled ‘HAVE UR WAYYY’.

This project for me is super personal and the first of my own passion projects thats allowed me to collectively showcase my artistry as a whole.  I’ve envisioned this moment since the start of my creative pursuits so it’s an extremely good feeling to finally be able to release and set free. =) 

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