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5 Things You Need For An Amazing Website

June 7, 2016

After many years of working with clients and the new boom of online stores and businesses, there’s one thing I found that most people aren’t familiar with – what is needed to prior to getting a website built. There are many things that your web designer simply needs to get you going and to avoid any delay in getting your online business started. Outside of online stores, websites are also needed today as a valid source to solidify your online presence and so that people can pretty much confirm you’re legit. So let’s hop to it – 5 Things You Need For An Amazing Website.

Domain Name + Hosting

 First things first, are to come up with the domain name you will use for your website. Once you think of a domain name, you will need to check and see if it’s available. To ensure your domain name is available you can visit, GoDaddy or my favorite, HostGator. These websites will let you know if your domain is available and the total cost. Most domain names should cost you no more that $15.00. Go ahead and snag that name once you know it’s available! The next step would be to purchase hosting. The domain name and hosting are like McDonald’s french fries and ketchup. You simply can’t have one, without the other. When choosing your hosting account, for a new business, it’s totally okay to start off with a small hosting package and you can adjust as needed once your business grows. My go to for hosting would have to be Hostgator, however you can get hosting pretty much anywhere you get your domain name.


Images are essential to your website as a whole. They set the tone for your website and aid in the design. Without images, you’ll just have a website with a lot of text. Many times, some are under the impression that your web designer will provide you with images, however, this is not the case. When providing your designer with images for your website, keep in mind that this is a reflection of your business and vision for your business. Cell phone images are a definite no and you need to be sure that images you provide are clear, high resolution images so that they are easy to work with. If you are starting an ecommerce website, it is important to provide images for ALL of your products that you would like added.


The content for your website would be all of the text that you would like to see. The web designer does not provide this, so you should be prepared to do so, to ensure a smooth web design process.The most common pages on a website are: About, Shop, Blog and/or Contact. You will need to provide the text and verbiage for all. For bloggers, it is best to start out with at least 6 blog posts that you have wrote along with the images for those blog posts. For those looking to start a shop you will need: pricing, quantity / stock of each item, any color or size variations and a description of your product. If you need help / assitance writing copy for your website, I would suggest to contact The Write Touch, as they provide all of those services and more 🙂


It’s important to have an idea of what you want. Do some research and find a few websites that you like. When communicating with your designer, for a smooth process, it’s best to have something to reference. There many different styles and functionalities of websites so narrow it down to about 4-5 of your favorites. You can find lots of ideas and inspiration for your website via Pinterest.

Logo & Brand Guidelines

It’s important to have these 2 things and provide them to your web designer so that they can follow any guidelines you already have set in place as far as colors and fonts. This will aid in the proper direction of your web design. Take care of this prior to even considering web design.

So, that’s pretty much it ! These 5 necessities should help you get started in the right direction and ensure a smooth process when looking to get your website built. Also keep in mind, building a website typically isn’t just a week or 2 process unless you are prepared to either A) pay the price ( faster turn = more money ) or B) just have a trash website that you will have to redo in just a few months time.
Hope this helps and be sure to leave any feedback on your website experience or any questions that you may have 🙂

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