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Why you DO need a business card and how to make them stand out

May 16, 2016

Many people always wonder if it’s REALLY necessary these days to have a business card, Considering now we can just share information on the spot via cell phone or directing someone to view your website and/or social media platforms.

Well, the answer is YES. As an entrepreneur it is definitely necessary to still have a business card. No matter how small this may seem, you never know who you may run into that will ask you if you have a business card and although you can just give people your information it is best to have something professional and tangible. Believe it or not many people still hold on to business cards and remember those that stand out. Personally, I tend to keep any cool business cards or marketing materials that stand out to me.

These days, with business cards, it is important to see this as an investment and something that will leave a lasting first impression for your brand and/or business. Below I will go over a few styles that will help your business stand out in style by going just an extra mile.

Spot Gloss

  1. Spot Gloss business cards are a good way to add an extra touch to your business card. Ideally your business card will be a silky matte and the extra flair is added by putting a gloss on specific areas of the design. This finish works especially well with patterns as well as used on your logo.Hello Waves Spot Gloss



  1.  Foiling adds a really beautiful effect when used properly. Personally I feel that silver and gold are the best looks for foiling. It get’s just a bit tacky when you get into pink foil etc but I suppose everything is worth a try if you feel it will work best for your business 🙂 Foiling is a shiny metallic effect. Excellent for submarks or text based logos. Definitely stands out and adds an extra umph to a standard business card design.

CrossTown Foil



  1. Letterpress is likely the most costly, however it is definitely worth it. Letterpress is generally used to press a design into the paper, leaving a texture on the business card.Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 9.17.09 AM

I actually don’t have a favorite style of the 3 but know at a small cost they can get you a lasting first impression and are worth it for the reaction you will receive.

You can purchase 100 of these cards for less than $100 with one of my favorite printing companies

The quality of their cards is amazing, affordable and they offer fast turnarounds.

Also, if you’re in need of a free business card design don’t forget I’ve got a few here on my website.


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