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Finding Balance As A Female Entrepreneur

May 4, 2016

Having balance as an entrepreneur – speaking for myself, it’s one of the hardest things ever. You know, as a freelance creative you go to this space where you just don’t want to bothered by any human. It’s like, completely zoning out and immersing yourself into projects. Friends call, family members, but the only place you seem to find yourself socializing is social media. LOL.


Let me be the first to tell you, this is not okay haha – you’ve got to get out and socialize! Meet and greet – don’t become a social recluse. It’s so easy to do so when you’re an entrepreneur – trust me. You work by yourself, set your own schedule and make your own rules. Usually what comes with that IS sacrifice and long grueling hours but you can’t become disconnected from the world because eventually it will simply drive you crazy.


To help out with this pattern – I’d like to offer you a few tips from my own personal experience that will help you get up, get out and avoid becoming a social recluse.


  1. I get it – most entrepreneurs chose this lifestyle because they want to get away from the mundane 9-5 however, in order to be successful you still have to have structure. Set specific hours each day that you will work – be sure to communicate this to your clients as well to avoid any late night, after hours calls. Remember that email is your best friend ; although a client can’t call, they can email you anytime of the day and it helps to keep track of those after hours requests.
  2.  Once you have your general daily structure – don’t forget to schedule a lunch. Grab lunch with a friend once a week. You don’t want to cut yourself off from the world and it can’t hurt to try out a new restaurant from time to time. The great thing is, you can always take a 2 hour lunch, you’re your own boss! In addition, going out for lunch is always a refreshing getaway to give your mind a break to reset and get ready for the next task at hand.
  3. In addition to a weekly structure, set aside a day for weekend activities. You can always search online for the latest happenings. in your city! There are always great social events going on that can allow you to meet new people as well as find inspiration. Whether it’s a marathon, opening of a new exhibit or just shopping with friends – they’re all great ways to keep a balance between work and having a social life.
  4. The same goes for having a significant other. Schedule date nights to keep it fresh! Also ladies – it’s okay to just get up and get cute sometimes too lol. Not only for your dude but also for you. As a creative sometimes we just sit around all day, hair and makeup not done, just ew. As a friend would say, looking like a roach, roached out. Spice it up so that you can feel good – at least once a week, that’s the very least you can do for yourself.


Hopefully these tips help a few to take the reigns and balance out your work and personal life – it’s a struggle but structure is one of the essential keys.
Feel free to share below your keeps for keeping balance as a boss lady.

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