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INSP-HER-A-TION :Getting to know the artist – Odessa Buggs

May 4, 2016

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Ladies! Meet my insp-her-a-tion, Odessa Buggs. I was introduced to Odessa and her artwork a few years ago via Instagram ( @missodessa) . Not only is she beautiful, but her talent as a creative makes her simply a force to be reckoned with. She is an artist on multiple mediums and just an amazing creative all the way around from sketching, painting, graphic design, fashion and more.

Read below about Odessa and her experience being in the creative field, advice on getting into the industry and what to expect from her later this year 🙂

When did you first discover that being a creative was your calling and how did it come about?

I started creating at a very young age probably around 5 or 6 I was always drawn to arts & crafts. I made clothes for my dolls, loved drawing and eventually took on making websites & graphics etc. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to focus on it because I grew up being told college & a 9 to 5  was how everyone earned a living. Being creative wasn’t something I was told to take serious, so I didn’t it was always something that was just “fun” to do on my down time or as a side hustle. I didn’t take it serious until I moved out on my own and was able to take control of my life without other people influencing my choices. I hated my 9 to 5 so in 2008 I quit and took up designing full time.

How long have you been in the industry?

Full time 8 years but honestly, I’ve been at this for about 12.

What obstacles have you faced in the creative industry as a woman?

My biggest obstacles have been being taken seriously as a woman because people often think if you appear a certain way physically to them you aren’t smart and navigating whether people are actually interested in creating or have other ulterior motives. Being a girl in this industry is pretty tricky.

You’re well known for your sketches and paintings, however, what other mediums do you use to create?

I do digital work, as well as fashion, photography and video editing. Basically any medium I can play with I will give my go at it.

If you could choose your favorite medium to use to create , which one would it be and why?

I honestly love to paint, I love playing with color and creating moods with them. Something about the entire process is very therapeutic and allows me to zone out and escape. The only thing I wish is that I could pay someone to clean up the mess afterwards.

Your clothing reconstruction is so amazing! I know it’s something you only share with us every once in awhile, do you plan on expanding this area of your craft anytime soon?

I am actually working on releasing pieces for summer and a full fall collection this year. It’s been A long process getting everything going but I’m excited to really dive further into fashion.

Bonus* You are such an insp-her-ation! What advice would you give to young girls looking to build a career in the creative industry?

The best advice I can give anyone is NOT to listen to the people that say you can’t do something. Find a way to make your dreams happen even if it is without the support or blessing of others. My biggest regret was not following my heart sooner. My heart always knew what I belonged doing and I ignored that instinct for so long because I listened to other people. That thing you are drawn to, GO FOR IT!!!

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