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Insp-her-ation, Cassie Evanow ( Slim Jawn ) on how she got started and tips on getting into the design business

April 5, 2016

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Hey ladies! So, meet Cassie Evanow, an LA based designer with a style that has a spin on vintage with sassy spunk. I met Cassie about 2 years ago at a photoshoot for HERfavorite LA ( cc: Charamon ). She was so sweet and down to earth! Her personality and style really connected with me and we’ve always kept in touch a bit since then in hopes to work together on future projects. Take a read below to get to know Cassie, founder of SlimJawn / SlowJam.

So, the million dollar question that everyone wants to know – how did you get started as a designer?

I cant really remember how and why I started designing! It’s been my primary interest since about age 8.

You create a lot of pieces using vintage items, when was the first time you reconstructed a vintage piece and what sparked the idea?

My first reconstructed item was probably one of my brothers old skateboarding T-shirts! As the youngest child, I got a lot of hand-me-downs, and cutting and resewing them was just a natural approach. I’ve been doing the vintage (specifically) reconstructed thing since high school I’d say… I was really inspired by 70’s and skateboarding/punk culture, so I started doing this band tee halter top thing at about 13, along with distressed levi’s that i would cover in makeshift flower patches that were just cut outs from old sheets or table cloths! I guess you could say it’s just always been a natural instinct.

Which design have you created that was your absolute favorite?

hmmmmm my favorite design, i think, has yet to exsist! Don’t get me wrong, I like most of the things i’ve made so far but, I’m always looking forward and looking for a way to improve and kill everything!

The ideal candidate to rock my designs is a woman who is a little bit of everything. You’ll never find a piece from me thats too extreme in any direction. Most of my designs include a hint of sporty, and a dash of sexy! Never too refined nor overly wild… I’m a fan of balance. I want every piece I make to be relatable to the current trend yet have an indefinable quality that makes it unique and one step ahead.

You have an overall amazing sense of style! Who would your style / fashion icon be and why?

You are too kind :))))) some key fashion influences for me include Gwen Stefani, Rihanna, Paris Hilton. I love the way they all have such an effortless sex appeal without being cookie cutter covergirls. Gwen and Rihanna are the epitome of balance for my fashion taste when it comes to combining tomboy and girly. Paris circa 2003-2005 was an inspiration to me because her outfits appeared to just be casually thrown on, flowing and comfortable, yet still so chic and feminine.

I love that your pieces are so exclusive, they sell out so fast! Do you plan to expand any time soon?

I do want to expand, but I haven’t decided yet how I want to go about it. At first, I wanted to just run an online boutique and start outsourcing and producing my designs regularly.. But it has lost it’s appeal a little lately since so many girls are doing that. For now, I’m just gonna keep creating exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces and let the next chapter write itself! I’m still learning about the industry, so I’m open to different possibilities and seeing where I fit in.

Bonus*  You are such an insp-her-ation! What advice would you give to a young lady looking to start her own line and / or become a designer?

To any younger girls who want to be a designer, my advice is go to school! If you’re in LA, there are a few community colleges that offer budget-friendly fashion courses (thats what i did.) There are no shortcuts in this biz! It seems like a fun career choice at the surface, but it takes a lot of patience and dedication and can be grueling and exhausting! Forgive me if I sound discouraging, but its important to come into the game focus and determined. In my opinion, there is no specific recipe for success in the fashion industry. opportunity can pop up in many different forms, so its important to be as prepared as possible. Take the courses, and when you’re not in school, sew at home, read about it, watch tutorials, take an internship, etc… the more experience, the better when your opportunity inevitably finds you 🙂

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  1. Tiffany chambers says:

    That’s my girl! I’m so proud of her success. She’s one of a kind. Her drive and talent is one of a kind. I’ve known her since high school in Oregon and she was always destined to leave our quiet town and shine in a bigger place, with people that would recognize her skills and talents. I love seeing her get the spotlight and attention she has long over due deserved. I’m always excited to see what is next 🙂 You go girl ! Love ya, Tiff

    • Jonnell says:

      Yes! Thank you for reading – she’s sweet and down to earth which, living in LA those are some of the best people to come across. Super talented and genuine 🙂


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