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Insp-her-a-tion, Get the deets on Siggi Bennett’s style and gorgeous ‘Ladies Lounge’

April 20, 2016

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Hey Ladies! Meet Siggi Bennett, wife, mother and co-owner of Halfsie’s Kids. I met Siggi about a year ago through her husband, Martellus Bennett, whom I used to design for many moons ago. She’s so gorgeous and has an amazing sense of style! Through following her on social media, I spotted her Ladies Lounge one day on Instagram and let’s just say I was totally obsessed! Read below to find out more about Siggi and her personal style and lounge design.
I really love your ladies lounge! What inspired the decor?
Stepping into my lounge is like stepping into a completely different house! My husband and I decorated our home together, and we customized modern furniture in neutral tones of black or cream with most of the interest being on our walls. So, when it came time to decorate my space, I really wanted it to reflect a more feminine vibe, a little more vintage, and definitely more colorful than the rest of the house.
How long did it take you to put the perfect lounge together? It seems like the perfect little getaway 🙂
Completing the room was definitely a longer project than I expected! We actually started AND finished renovating our basement (which serves as my husband’s office/man cave), garage, kitchen, master bedroom and bathroom BEFORE my lounge was finished! The craziest part is that Martellus’ desire to renovate all stemmed from me asking him to put simple shelves up on my lounge wall so that I would have a nicer way to store all my shoes. Before I knew it, he’d hired our interior designer, Letitia Holloway, and had blueprints of this insane shoe closet drafted up! Long story short, I came up with a much simpler cabinet design, and it was pretty much the last thing to be completed in our house. Once that was finished, only then I could really focus on the decor! But it took at least six months before all the pieces flowed together in the room, and I felt like it fully represented me and my taste. Having a space that is only for me where I can do work, read, or relax with my girl friends and a bottle of wine is amazing and it’s such a positive space with good vibes.
 What is your favorite piece in your ladies lounge?
My couch! It’s quite an unexpected piece for me to own! Anyone who knows me knows I’m not the biggest fan of pink or frilly things, whether it be clothing, furniture, what have you. But when I saw this couch, I just had to buy it! It was definitely an investment piece, but it’s without a doubt the focus of the room and so beautiful! I love the way it’s colorful without being too loud and how it compliments the jewel tone of my blue rug! My couch is what puts the “Ladies” in “Ladies’ Lounge”. Such a delicate but sophisticated touch that makes a statement!
What are some of your favorite stores to shop for home decor?
I love Horchow! Their furniture is very expensive, but great if you’re really looking for a statement piece! But everybody loves a bargain, including me, so I’ve found some great coffee tables and throw pillows at Target, or even Home Goods! Zgallerie has been a favorite of mine for years as well when I’m looking for a nice rug, bedding, or cool accents!
You have an overall amazing sense of style who would your style fashion icon be and why?
At the moment I’m a huge fan of Zendaya! I think she’s so fresh, polished, classy, beautiful AND smart! As a mother raising a young girl, I love all that Zendaya is standing for right now!  It’s nice to see her be bold and have fun with her fashion and style choices yet still manage to be age-appropriate! Another woman I’ve been screenshotting for years is Karla Deras of the blog Karla’s Closet. I’ve seen her style evolve so much over time, and she was way ahead of the neutral trend that’s still going strong. I admire how she adds just the right touch of sexy to everything she wears and appears to be very comfortable in her skin. Recently she launched her own clothing line, and I own at least half of the pieces! I’m obsessed! Since becoming a mom, it’s been easy for me to get into a rut and not feel like putting much effort into getting dressed everyday. Hell, not even every OTHER day! I’m often in workout clothes or hoodies, but I try to remind myself that every woman deserves to feel sexy, and I can always count on one of those two ladies to give me some style inspiration when I need a little pick-me-up!
I really love that as a mom you keep it fun and edgy! recently you opened an online boutique for kiddos that reflects both yours and Jett’s style. How do you go about picking the perfect pieces?
My partner, Mallory, and I launched Halfsies Kids in September of last year! We actually built our entire friendship based off of our mutual love of edgy children’s clothes! When we were pregnant we both noticed that it was hard to find clothing for our girls that wasn’t always pink or that had cartoons on them. When Jett was first born I often put her in black leggings, Jordans or Nikes, and zip up hoodies from American Apparel because I hadn’t yet discovered this whole world of cool kids clothes. As we began to find that there were in fact many brands out there who shared our same sentiments, we thought it would be fun to launch an online boutique catered to moms with style like ours. I think the key to choosing the best pieces for our store lies in going with our gut about what will be on trend the next season and always asking ourselves what would we wear? Our clients are constantly saying, “Gosh, I wish you guys had this in adult sizes!” We always want the clothes to reflect what’s currently fashionable but also have lasting power since children’s clothes are often handed down. And at the end of the day our pieces have to be fun! They’re for kids, after all!
What are your future plans for your business?
Our future plans for Halfsies includes pop up shops in different cities across the country and maybe even our own capsule collection of the same name 😉 stay tuned!

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  1. Lynn says:

    Such an awesome read! This girl’s style is FAB, the blue rug is my favorite. Plus loving her denim blue button up, casual but chic. Totally inspired, and will definitely be checking out Halfsies 🙂


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