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Help, I think I need a logo!

April 5, 2016

When it comes to starting a business, visuals are very important. You want your business to be easily remembered and stand out amongst the crowd. In this little tid bit, i’m going to spill the beans on how to create a logo that works for you!


Many times when it comes to logo design, people tend to lean towards something they are already familiar with. After designing logos for 7 years, I can’t tell you the countless amount of times I hear, “ohhh I want my logo just like _____ ( fill in the blank )”. Although logo flips have become popular, that’s not always the best route if you want to have a long lasting, timeless business.


It’s important that before contacting a designer know your market and have a solid vision wrote down for your company. This will help in the overall process for getting your logo together. Once that is done, create a moodboard of some sort. Your moodboard should consist of at least 10-15 images that reflect your ideal style and vision. Ranging from decor and color palettes to fonts and image treatments. By creating a moodboard, it helps to establish everything that will go into your design guidelines. A moodboard will also allow you to avoid wasted time with a designer by assisting them with the direction of your project.


Now that you have your moodboard all together, it’s important to remember “simplicity is key”. In this day and age having and extravagant pink, gold and diamond logo is likely to limit your market. Think BIG. Look at companies that inspire you that are in your field, look at advertising to draw inspiration. Creating a simple logo, is sometimes a bit more in depth than what it seems. You want it to stand for something without being over the top, brainstorm with your designer to come up with something clever.


Lastly, keep in mind when working with your designer, the first set of proofs may not be perfect, but with communication and revisions you could easily work to get something you love. In addition, you should always have brand guidelines with your logo. Brand guidelines would include the names of the fonts used, any copies of patterns created to go along with branding and a color palette. This will go so far in the future and we will get to that in part 2. Anywho, just go with what you feel – you want this logo to be something you can wake up to everyday and smile 🙂

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