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Choosing the Right Colors For Your Brand

April 27, 2016

One of the key elements for your brand is defining your color scheme. Through experience, most tend to choose colors that are trendy at the time. I totally understand this, however, you must keep in mind that just because a color is trendy, that may not be best for your business in years to come.

Although many leave it up to the designer to choose the colors for their business, it’s important for you as the business owner / founder to know what the colors you are choosing for your business mean and evoke from your customers. Choosing colors is not only an artsy decision but also a serious, strategic business decision, as color evokes emotion. By choosing the wrong brand colors, you could easily turn customers off from your business. People make purchase decisions based on color.

The first step in choosing your brand colors is to determine your target customer and what it is they are looking for. Once you define your brand and target market, it will make it easier to define your brand colors. Color is essentially the first thing that will engage your customers.

According to a recent study, about 60-80% of consumers make decisions based on the brand colors they see to engage them. Therefore, it’s extremely important to know what color communicates to your customer.

Second, color should enhance your brand and not overpower it. We all have favorite colors and such that we like however, that color may not be the best for what your company represents. Be sure to do a little research on color theory so that you are aware of what that color means and the emotion that it evokes. Your color and brand must connect.

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to change your brand colors when going through a business revamp. Sometimes color change is necessary when revamping to show progress.

Below is an example from my own branding as well as a couple of helpful links to help you out with color theory and choosing brand colors.


Helpful Links for Choosing Brand Colors


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