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3 Ways To Cope With A Creative Block

April 11, 2016

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As creatives, we all go through it every once in awhile. You’ve been working long hours, no time to hangout with friends and just completely disconnected from the world while as you’re working on a project. Next thing you know, every time you go to sketch or open a program you’re completely stumped. Everything seems like a bad idea; welcome to being an artist.


We all go through it and most often just need a break to escape and explore outside of your work zone.


Many ask, “How?!”


Take a peek below for some tips on how to cope with a creative blackout to quickly get back into a creative zone.


  1. Get up, get out and do something – many creatives are labeled as hermits and generally don’t like to be around large groups of people, let alone make new friends. Break that mode and don’t be afraid to go check out a new exhibit by yourself, take a walk or grab a quick bite to eat. A little time away from the work desk won’t hurt and likely to be the breather that gets you back on track and focused for the next task. Spark convo with a new face while out, you never know where you can find inspiration.
  2. Read a Book – nothing takes your mind away for a quick little escape like diving into a good book. Set the mood by burning a little sage or a candle so that you can relax and really get into it.
  3. Jam out – get off of social media, turn your phone off and grab a glass of wine and listen to some smooth vibes. Great way to escape and get some creative juices flowing. Just let loose and jam out.


Hopefully this helps out when those tough times hit! It feels like the absolute worst but you just have to learn to not force it and tell yourself, “relax girl!” ; it’ll all come together and you’ll be feeling more energized than ever!

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