You Are What You Post


In this day and age, hardly none of us are without some sort of social media account. Being that I am a creative and entrepreneur, this immediately gave me an opportunity and platform for my work and talents to be seen. However, it took me a minute to find my wave and really connect with how to showcase my work and style.

If you’ve been following me for awhile, then you know that I’ve done a full 360 and re-brand. Below you’ll find a couple reasons why your social media should reflect who you are, your business and why it’s important to your branding.

Future Clients and / Business Partners

If you have a business, you have to keep in mind who your target market is. When you post on social media, if it is a public account, be mindful of what you post and be sure it ties in to what YOU stand for and/or represent as a business.

Once upon a time, I used to post….let’s use “medication” , for lack of words. One of my clients pointed it out and criticized me about it and I immediately took offense. My mindset at the time was, “fuck the world, I do what I want!”. After thinking about it and replaying the situation in my mind, it caused me to reevaluate a few things. I thought about the stereotypes surrounding medication, the way it is perceived professionally and the effects it could have on a lot of my major goals.

You have to remember to keep your personal and business separate. Some things are just not meant for social media. Especially if you are in the professional world and looking to do work mainstream. Due to what is posted on social media we’ve seen people lose their jobs, lose endorsements and much more, it is wise to keep that in mind when sharing online.

Who are your followers?

What you post is going to have a reflection on your following, If you’ve built a following based on your body, more than likely that’s what people want to continue seeing. It’s hard to turn those followers into making money if what you’re posting is not relevant to what you are selling. Say for instance, you always post shoes, but you’re a florist. It’s going to be really hard to get people to buy flowers from you if you only post shoes.

Build your brand so that you create a genuine following of people that share common interests.

It’s not about how many followers you have, but the quality of your following. If you have 1 million followers but can’t market and sell to at least 100 people, you may need to reevaluate what you’re doing and how you are going about your branding.

Be sure that you are prepared for the feedback you receive for what you are posting. For instance, you can’t post a half nude photo and not be prepared for crude, rude and sexual comments from men AND women. You just can’t; it comes with the territory once you put something out for the world to see and give their opinions on. I can’t say I haven’t been there, but i’ve come to a place where I know that’s not the feedback I want.

There used to be a day where if a corporation wanted to work with me and asked to see my Instagram it wouldn’t have reflected things relevant to my actual design and style. Recently, I went into an office for a freelance position and when they asked to see my social media pages they were blown away and I was immediately hired for the next project. That’s something I am proud of because I made a conscious decision that I wanted my social media to reflect my branding and style as well as what I have to offer the world aside from what you see on the outside.

Keep your long term goals in mind when sharing on social media. Remember that you must be the energy you want to attract and be prepared for the criticize you may / may not receive for what you post.







D’USSE Day Party Hosted By CLuxe Brand Management

FullSizeRender (3)

This past weekend I had the opportunity to check out the D’USSE Day Party in Santa Monica. The venue was so cute and I had a really great time! The ladies of C Luxe curated the perfect day party vibes. This was my first time trying D’USSE and honestly…truly, I like that it’s a change from the norm. Don’t get me wrong, Hennessy I feel is the old-time fave, but D’USSE, it’s really smooth and the drinks I got the chance to try were really tasty ( open bar at the event, perfect lol ). My fave was the D’USSE lemonade, not too sweet, which is my kind of drink.  C Luxe did a great job hosting this event and I can’t wait to attend the next. Check out some pics from my event experience below.

FullSizeRender (1) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender FullSizeRender (5) FullSizeRender (6)

It’s Okay to Just Say ‘NO’


Time and time again, I used to find myself in the situation where I’m working on 12 projects with 14 open and 2 pending. Not sure how I thought I could do that much alone….well, actually I wasn’t. I would take on so many jobs at once, all due around the same time, some low in pay and non-paid, all because I was afraid to say, ‘No.’ Saying no in business does not equate to being mean. As a true business person, you have to know your boundaries, stand your ground firm and try not to overwork / overextend yourself because, what good are you to your business or clients then?  Below I’ll cover a few situations in business where you may be hesitant to say ‘no’.

Family & Friends – This Sh*t Ain’t Free

It seems like the most difficult thing to do sometimes, especially when it comes to friends or family. Some people try to give you the guilt trip or make you feel like you owe them something, when the reality is, you DON’T. This is YOUR BUSINESS and how you make a living and you deserve to get paid your worth. It’s cool to be nice and giving sometimes, but you can’t give so much of you that you become drained or stressed out. Some people may not understand the aspect or your business and want you to just, “do this real quick”, however time is something you can’t get back and the worst feeling is getting behind on your actual work and neglecting your clients to do something for free, that the person most likely won’t appreciate or understand the true value of . To avoid stressing yourself out, don’t feel bad about it, just say ‘no’. Business is business at the end of the day and you’ve got to take your business serious if you want them to respect it and if they are true friends and family, they’ll be down to pay for and support you in your endeavors.

Discounts Are For Dollar Tree 

You have those people that claim to support you, but always want a little hook up. -_- It’s perfectly fine to offer a discount from time to time for those people you’ve built a relationship with, however, don’t make it a habit. Ever heard, “give em an inch they’ll take a mile”? Yeah, it’s bound to happen. Don’t feel bad, communicate. It’s okay to tell this person ‘no’, as well. If you’re working hard and giving them great service and great work, they should be willing to pay you your standard rate for what they are getting. Don’t shortchange yourself.

HELP! It’s an emergency!

Yikes. There’s always that one person that needs something and they need it in a flash. It feels good to help out when you can, however, sometimes you simply CAN’T. Maybe what they are asking for is beyond the scope of what you can provide or possibly they aren’t willing to provide the resources for what they are asking for. Whatever the case may be, this is another situation where it’s okay to say , ‘No’.

Many times in these situations where you are doing someone a favor, these are the same people that will talk bad about you if you don’t meet their free or discounted unrealistic needs and standards. Save each party the stress and don’t be afraid to express yourself and communicate if it’s something in business you are unable or don’t want to do. A good way to ease the bad news is to provide them with an alternate resource for what they are looking for or requesting.

Remember to never be afraid to speak up for yourself if there is something you disagree with and value your time. In business, you have to look out for yourself and if you don’t respect your business, no one else will. You can’t always be nice and you won’t be everyone’s friend.

“A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble .” – Mahatma Gandhi

Bad Clients and How to Avoid Them


Sometimes, as designers we literally come across the client from hell. That one person that no matter what you do, it’s just not right. Below i’ll give a few pointers on how to tell if a client is for you or not.

There are many different types of “bad clients” , I’m going to break down the 4 most common types of clients you will come across and how to avoid them.

  1. The Negotiator – This client wants to negotiate and talk you down from whatever price quote you give them. They usually want a plethora of items and want to get the cheapest price for the most work and will likely be expecting a fast turn. To avoid making the mistake of falling into this trap, you must stick to your guns and your rates. Anyone who respects your work, should respect your time as well and understand that your time as a designer is valuable.
  2. The Finesser – This is the client that midway through the project adds on little things here and there. The scope of the project becomes way more than you were initially expecting or had discussed. You must not be afraid to let a client know when what they are requesting or expecting is going to take additional time and money. If you do not communicate this, many times the client will expect the project to be completed in the same amount of time originally quoted. With this client, communication is key. To avoid this situation all together, you must be sure to screen and ask all necessary questions in the beginning. If this still occurs, do not be afraid to speak up and communicate. Many times, clients do not understand what they are requesting is beyond the agreed scope of work; and even if they do, it’s your job as a freelancer to speak up for yourself.
  3. The Newb – This client has no idea what they want. It’s likely that they aren’t even really sure as to what they need from you. They simply know that they are looking to start a business and need a logo. To avoid issues with this client you have to ensure that your initial point of contact is clear and precise. Ask as many questions as possible and use the necessary and proper communication channels if you choose to work with a “first-timer”. Likely this will require you to communicate more and work closely with the client to help guide them to creating effective design solutions. Good solutions with first time clients are online questionnaires with a follow up call and/or in person meeting.

    4. The Slave Master – Last but not least, this guy. The slave master. This client has nothing but expects you to deliver the world. They want a designer to be a magician of some sort. Avoid this client at all cost. Through experience, this person will likely have the funds and be ready to proceed with work, but have no idea or direction as to what they want. If dealing with web design, they will likely have no content and expect you to generate everything for them. This is usually the type of client that seems to be a stickler on time, yet have no time to provide you with the necessary tools to complete their project. Essentially, they feel like they are your only client and that all of your time should be dedicated to them and their project only. This is the worst. Once you are locked in to an agreement, even IF you offer to sever ties and give a refund, they will likely not accept and demand you still work with them. It’s hard to get out of but easy to avoid. As mentioned with prior client types, client screening is important. Ask all the questions you need and be sure the client understands what they must provide prior to designing so that you can provide them with a great service that meets their needs.

With all clients – it is necessary to have procedures and a series of questions that you ask prior to working with them and starting their project. In addition, it is important to connect on a more personal level. Email is ok and although, I am not a fan of text, sometimes a quick text may be necessary depending on your relationship with the client and scope of the project. Phone calls, Video Calls and in-person meetings are simply needed to be able to connect with a client to ensure you all have a successful project. If you pre-screen and really get to know the client prior to tackling their project it’ll likely save you some time and a headache. Take it from me, you don’t want to rush into a project and midway find out it’s the client from hell and searching for a way to escape. Been there, done that and it sucks LOL.

Next week i’ll be sharing my 10 necessary questions to ask BEFORE starting any design project. Until then feel free to share some of your client stories – I know we’ve all had at least one experience with these kind of clients if not all. Thanks for reading!

Email Newsletters: What they are and how they can grow your brand


Often people want to know other ways to promote their business outside of social media and I always recommend one of the easiest places to begin is to build and email list. You can use this list to connect with your supporters in a more personal manner and engage with them on another level.

To begin building your email list, if you have an e-commerce platform, that’s a good place to start! You can start building your email / subscription list based on those who have already made purchases. Another way to begin building your email list is by adding a newsletter pop up to your website. This is a quick addition that shouldn’t take much time to implicate into your website. Many of these plugins for your website will also have you connect to a third party to manage your list. Hands down, I say sign up with Mailchimp to handle your newsletter. They are the most user friendly and easiest to design and maintain.

As for the content that should be in your newsletter, you want to start off with the DONT’s, which would include not sending newsletters too often, SPAM trigger words and staying genuine and not getting too automated with your emails. You can read a bit more in depth on Do’s & Donts When Emailing by clicking here, but I’m going to go ahead and dive into the eblast design portion 🙂

When designing your newsletter it’s important to adhere to your brand style guidelines to keep consistency and keep your customers engaged. Most commonly you’ll want your header to include your logo design and keep the header simple. In the body, it’s good to mix text and images that you feel will be appreciated and grasp your customers attention. You’ll want to include special announcements ( new arrivals, restock of a personal style, new blog feature, new product feature etc ) and make them unique to those receiving the newsletter and not the same thing they have seen on your social media everyday. make sure the body of the email includes active links so that your readers can also click and engage with what you are sharing with them.

For your newsletter footer, include ways for your readers to engage with you. Be sure there are links to all social media and a direct email address for questions, concerns etc.

A well put together email can result in acquiring a larger loyal customer / reader base, generate higher sales and reader engagement and much more. We also have to remember a) not everyone has every social media platform b) not everyone gets on social media everyday and c) often, our posts may go unseen, so that super big sale or great feature you had wasn’t even seen by a large portion of your target market.

Below are 2 newsletters that I have designed that proved to be really effective for my clients, click each image to see the full newsletter design.

click hereclick here

That’s pretty much it for newsletters. The basics on what you need to know to get you started and how they can be effective. Use what you have to your advantage. There are so many easy and free ways to market and grow your business!

Five Fonts That Totally Rock


If anyone knows me, you’ll know that I am totally obsessed with fonts. As a designer, typography has been one of my favorite things to study aside from color. Fonts are very important in design ranging from use in marketing material and even more important, logo design and branding material. Below you will find 5 of my current favorites along with where to find them 🙂 Some are free and some not so much, but they shouldn’t break your pockets and are worth the investment. Just click on the font names to download and as always, Happy Designing!


click here to download One of my favorite sans serif fonts for years. It’s been popping up everywhere and a really good clean font. There are many different styles ranging from ultra thin, regular, bold and more.

click here to download I’ve been obsessed with this font all year long. It’s super versatile and currently my favorite serif font.

click here for download Perhaps I just can’t let this one go for sentimental value. If you’ve been following me for awhile, my old

C H A V E Z logo, inspired by C H A N E L, was achieved using this font. This ones free too 🙂

click here to download

I love the uniqueness of this font. It’s got a personal touch and puts me in a spring / summer mood. I think it can be put to good use this season. Another freebie 😀

click here to downloadDiscovered this handwritten font not too long ago and geeeeeeez this is my FAVORITE of all 5 right now. It’s so perfect for so many things i’ve been wanting to achieve. There are 3 different styles / variations to choose from and gives you some alternate options to play around with.


Welp, there’s my list. Feel free to comment below for any questions on fonts and let me know a few of your favorites!



Web Design On A Budget


I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about what to do when you’re in need of a website, but simply have no budget for it. In addition, in the past I have often dealt with inquiries where people may be looking for websites and simply do not have the budget to do so.

I am a firm believer that pricing and quality are closely connected. It’s important to invest in yourself and your business. A good website IS GOING TO COST YOU, and not just a couple hundred dollars. If you aren’t prepared to spend upwards of $1000, here are a few tips to get you started.


First things first, purchase a domain name for your business. This is a cheap way to start the process. You don’t want to have your website domain ending in .wordpress or .blogspot. For me, it simply screams, “this website is not important to me and I just needed to throw something together”. Get an actual domain name. You can find these available at GoDaddy for 99 cents, so there’s no excuse.

I am NOT a fan of DIY, however sometimes this deems to be the best solution for a beginner’s website, so let’s dive right on into it.

My top recommendations for building your first website would be to start out with Shopify or Squarespace. You can easily create a good looking website with either of these platforms and you can link your domain name with both of these.

If you are looking to create a platform for shopping I would choose Shopify. Personally, Shopify is great because it is easy to follow and track orders along with the flexibility of design. You get several good looking templates to choose from that are easy to customize and maintain. Starting out Shopify is going to charge you a monthly fee based on the amount of products you are selling. There is pretty much no platform out there that is going to be totally free, so you just have to suck it up and pay the monthly charge. Look at it like this, $20 a month is likely 2 sells or less. So, if you can sell 2 products, this covers the cost of your website to be live so that you can make money. Not much right? RIGHT 🙂


For a personal website and/or portfolio, I love Squarespace! Squarespace has great functionality, easy to maintain and you can create a beautiful user friendly website. Designing on Squarespace is exactly like it sounds, you use squares to set up your website exactly how you want it. You start off by choosing a template and you can customize that template through the use of square shaped elements. It won’t be free monthly, but considering you will be using the website to advertise for your business and to get bookings, at less than $20 a month it will pay for itself. You can also link your personal domain name here are well.

Okay so, back to the domain name thing really quick: both of these websites offer the option to purchase your domain name with them. You can go this route, however it will be more expensive. The reason it is more expensive is because of the convenience. You will likely have to know a little bit about web or be able to follow directions really well if you go through a 3rd party to purchase and link your domain with Squarespace and Shopify. It’s really easy, but sometimes not everyone wants to take the extra time to figure it all out so you’ll just spend a couple extra dollars.

Last but not least, when creating your own website, there is no need to play designer. Keep things simple, crisp and clean. As soon as your budget allows, look into getting a designer to get some proper design and maybe a few more elements added to your website that were on your wish list. As stated before cost and quality are closely intertwined so don’t go cheap so that you don’t waste your money. It is better to wait and save, so that the end result is more beneficial.


I hope this helps for some out there looking to start your business and get your first website up and running. Feel free to ask any questions below as I know the process of it all can be strenuous but don’t worry girl you got this!


Summer Home Decor Wish List



DutchCrafters stick lamp

Vintage area rug

Hanging rattan chair

Square mirror

JAG Zoeppritz cream throw pillow
$105 –

Navy sofa

So, this is totally my home interior wish list right now! For my next move i’m looking to stay in a work / live space with concrete floors. This gives the exact feel that I want and I am totally in LOVE!
My absolute MUST HAVE is the hanging hammock style chair. It’s something that I simply can’t do without lol. Number 2 on my list would have to be the blue couch. I am not sure why, but I am obsessed with couches that have a POP of color. I feel like having color in your home adds more character to any room and really connects with who you are giving your room a more personal feel. To tie everything together, the colorful area rug 🙂
I’m really into weathered / distressed wood so I went with the vintage mirror. The good thing is, I already have that mirror! It’s such a great touch in any room.
I suppose that completes my wish list for now. I’m sure I will be adding some things to this!