The best brunch in LA?

Almost every other day, I pass by this spot on La Brea and there is ALWAYS a line wrapped around the building. I had been putting it off for some time but this Sunday finally decided to give it a try. Upon walking into Republique, the atmosphere was nice, relaxed and cheerful :) There are also a slew of fresh baked goodies that you pass by before getting to the register where you are greeted to place your order. I didn’t want to go over board so I went with a regular breakfast ( bacon steak, eggs, potatoes & ciabatta bread ) and a caramel latte.

After ordering you simply grab your utensils, maybe a glass of water and seat yourself. The place was definitely packed! Not too long after waiting my food arrived ( now we’re on to the good stuff :)

I was overwhelmed at the serving size! It’s not too often you get large servings these days at restaurants anymore. The bacon steak was the highlight of the meal, the absolute BEST bacon ever, it’s so thick and cooked to perfection. The fingerling potatoes were delish as well. Although I am not a fan of ciabatta bread, the house made peach jam was bomb! Republique is definitely one of the best brunch spots i’ve tried in LA and I for sure plan on coming back to try different dishes and desserts.

The price is too bad either only $20 for a delicious breakfast and you’re guaranteed to leave with a take out bag.

Let’s Celebrate!

Happy One Year Anniversary to my clients over at House of Chic LA

My creative partner Chris Paul Thompson and I created a cute birthday product set the other day featuring Milk Jar Cookies. These cookies are by far the best I’ve had in LA! They have the cutest location and the cookies always have just the right amount of chewiness” in the center. If you ever have the opportunity and in the area be sure to stop by!

A Day in Venice


Took a random trip to Venice the other morning and had a blast! I wanted to do a shoot in rollerblades with a little inspiration from Rosie Perez ( anyone remember White Men Can’t Jump? Lol )

Any who, I initially had THE hardest time getting the hang of rollerblading again lol ( so freaking embarrassing ) after things got smooth I took a stroll down Venice and grabbed some AMAZING frozen lemonade and fried Oreos 😩 

Since I live in LA I don’t visit Venice very often – it’s usually SO busy! But if you’re looking to get a light workout in and have some fun, the mornings are the perfect time to visit. Not too busy and you can grab some delicious eats! 

Wardrobe provided by: House of Chic LA

Zara denim 

Images by: Chris Paul Thompson 


DIY Gold Edge Business Cards


For my business cards – I wanted to do something that would add a personal touch. A little razzle dazzle. After pricing business cards and getting turnaround times, I figuered it would be way more efficient and add the personal touch by hand making them ☺️

I started out by going to a local print shop and getting 500 cards in a 22 pt stock. After doing so, I purchased 22k Gold spray paint, a gold paint pen and binder clips to keep the cards together and avoid getting the spray paint all over the actual card.

Check out the videos below to find out exactly how to create gold edge business cards step by step 😁




Cake, Cake, Cake & It’s Not Even My Birthday!

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Randomly got a Food Network magazine in the mail and there was an insert for recipes to over 50 Bar Cookies – trouble, trouble 😉

I really love sprinkles so immediately went for the Birthday Cake Bars – everything made from scratch = yummy in my tummy!

The took about 30 mins to prepare and 30 minutes for baking, so, an hour total.

They were super easy and were devoured within 24 hours. The recipe is below so I definitely suggest getting in your kitchen and giving it a whirl!

Birthday Cake Bars


2 Sticks of Butter

1 1/2 Cups of Sugar

3 Eggs


2 Cups Flour



11×9 Pan


Melt 2 sticks butter; let cool slightly. Whisk in 1 1/2 cups sugar, 3 eggs and 1 tablespoon vanilla. Stir in 2 cups flour, 1/2 cup of sprinkles and 1/4 teaspoon salt. Bake until the edges are set but the center is soft, about 25 minutes.

Spread vanilla frosting over the cooled bars; top with more sprinkles.



House of Chic

For new client, House of Chic – I did a bit of a revamp for them. The main objective was to provide a focus for the branding and create some chic design guidelines. After our initial meeting we established brand guidelines, revamped packaging designs and re-designed their website. Everything has a nice chic, crisp clean feel and we are all happy with the outcome. I really enjoyed working with these ladies and look forward to assisting with building House of Chic ( be sure to go take a peak and buy something :)